Mark Hobbs, R.P.T.
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  Testimonials From Patients & Referring Doctors

Dear Mark,

When I came to you for therapy on my hands, I didn't have high expectations. I'd had trouble with my right thumb since 1975 and my left thumb since 1992. The most interest I ever got from a doctor was to do an X-ray and tell me I had "a little arthritis". In other words, stop whining and live with it. Total Physical Therapy has a slogan, "Helping Make Life a Little Better", and that was the most I hoped for. Imagine my surprise after the first visit, when my hands began to do things they hadn't done in years! Imagine my delight after the second visit when my hand span grew an inch, almost as good as it had been in my younger days! Each visit makes a difference, and the work you've done has not been painful. I leave looking forward to what new thing I'll be able to do now, and excited to come back for more work! Thank you for giving me hope that the parts of me that have been hurting for so long will all be able to work the way they should at this stage of my life. I just wish we had met sooner!

In gratitude,

Total Physical Therapy
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